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Crafts are all about passing skills from person to person. But what if you don’t know people who make the stuff you want to make? What if you want to make soap for example, but don't know any soap makers? Well we’ve created the next best thing - we've got some experts together and commissioned them to write books. And the result? A book on soap making written by a soap making expert; a book on printmaking written by award-winning printmakers, and books on felt making, handbags, acrylic jewellery and many more subjects. Reading one of our craft booksis like making friends with a pro' and then being invited to watch over their shoulder while they work their magic. As well as comprehensive instructions we’ve got step-by-step photographs of the items being made from start to finish.

And taking the conversation idea even further, we incorporate your examples, tips and comments in every new edition of each book, making them even more inspiring. Join in the conversation!

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featured book: soap making

soap making book Make Your Own Soap by Joy James
In the pantheon of soap making books, this one’s climbing up the best-seller lists. If you fancy a new craft, soap making has got to be one of the most interesting crafts around. And Joy’s book is perfect for the beginner soap-maker wanting to learn how to make soap as the technique is described in step-by-step detail with over 30 full colour photographs of the process. It also has a very useful trouble-shooting section, a worldwide list of soap making suppliers and recommends some useful soap making forums on the web. Available as an ebook or a paperback. More.

printmaking book

simple printmaking book Simple Printmaking by Sarah Roberts
In 'vote for the next book' section, printmaking is our most popular subject for our next book (watch this space). Our first foray in to the wonderful world of printmaking is an excellent introduction to this art. Written by award-winning printmaker Sarah Roberts, it takes you through three easy-to-master yet very effective printmaking techniques: linoprinting, stenciling and potato printing. 42 pages, 54 full colour photos and also available as an ebook or a paperback book. More.

making and dyeing acrylic jewellery

making and dyeing acrylic jewellery book Making and dyeing acrylic jewellery by Sarah Packington
When you see the jewellery that was made in the shooting of this book, you'd find it difficult to believe it was all made in a small kitchen in Brighton. After soap making, the process described in this book is the closest thing I've seen to modern-day alchemy. As with all of our other books, all the processes are described in step-by-step detail with plenty of supporting photographs. Sarah also sows you were best to obtain the dyes and the acrylic rods. More.





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